Monday, August 11, 2008

The morning after the storm.
I was walking into work about 7am. I was in an alleyway between two large buildings and I notice how pretty all the clouds looked after lastnight's storm.
This was taken with the camera on my cell phone, LOL!!


Anu said...

Pretty white puffs.
In Mumbai, we had really dark clouds this weekend. And now it's raining cats & dogs.

Mumbai Daily Snapshot

babooshka said...

That was taken with a cell! That's a marvellous image, beautiful light and blue hue.

American Fork said...

Very pretty.

Layrayski said...

Amazing how that image was taken by only a cellphone camera. As what they say its not the camera its the man (person)behind it that matters. =) I thought this was taken using a special filter or something.