Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grandma's Garden

Flowers in my Grandma's Garden
Ok, it's not in Salt Lake...but from a small town below Bryce Canyon in southern Utah.
I took quite a few pictures of the flowers but this one is my favorite. I like the weird colors and the blowouts in the background.


alaya said...

i love taking photo of flowers too. my today's post is also flower.

Kim said...

Heidi, This shot turned out so lovely. It just pulled me in right off the portal thumbnail! Kudos!

I too just took advantage of the summer rebate and jumped from an XT to 40D. I'm in an online class to master this camera technically, so I hope to dramatically improve my exposures. Have fun exploring what this baby can do. It's amazing. Pat (Bibi in Belgrade) also has one and it was after months of studying her shots that I went with the 40D rather than a 5D (which is really out of the budget for now and I hope to pick up someday after its replacement comes out and the price drops substantially in the new or used market. I have an oldie but goodie SLR that I can do wide angle shots with on film until a full frame in in the cards.
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babooshka said...

Firstly a belated welcome. This really did jusmp out the portal, the cerise hue is so vivid.